The students of J.N.V. are facilities by needful items like uniform Lodgings free boarding, Daily items Computer Education etc.
The efficient management of a residential school depends upon the quality of the House system functioning in a school A house consists of group of children effectively led by responsible teacher (House master) Who act as a parent guide philosopher and friend for every member of she house A house inherently provides a family at mushier in making the child physically fit, Socially adjusted emotionally balanced and morally upright
Objectives of House system
            The objective of adopting House system in vidyalayas are to :
-                      Provide a smooth transition from life to school life Develop situations which fulfill the social and emotional needs of the children.
-                      Help socialization of pupils to integrate them selves well in to corporate life.
-                      Develop the spirit of healthy competition among the children.
-                      Inculcated in the child respect for seniors elders teachers and a caring attitude towards juniors and fraternity towards all.
Formation of House-
In Jawahar Naovdayas Vidyalayas Charuwa four Houses
 are formed as –
Aravali        A-                  40 students
Nilgiri          A-                  40 students
Aravali        B-                  38 students
Nilgiri          B-                  38 students
Girls House-I-                   44 students
Girls House-II-                  35 students
Total                                 235 students
      Each and every student of the vidyalaya has been allotted a House on the day he/She is admitted to the vidyalaya.
      For effective management of the House system 4 House Master & 4 Associate House Masters are appointed in the vidyalaya.
Mini Migration
            As our vidyalaya having only science faculty since 2007-08 those students who are not qualified for science with Math science without Maths are migrated to another vidyalayas for commerce –JNV Pawarkheda Hosangabad, for Humanities JNV Prabhatpattan Betul (M.P.)